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Weighed Feedings

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Curious about weighed feedings? Let’s discuss…

❓Many #breastfeedingproblems benefit from an assessment called a “#weighedfeed” or “#preandpostfeedingcheck”. This is done by weighing the baby on a neonatal #scale, then immediately #breastfeeding, then immediately weighing at the end of the feeding (same outfit, same diaper).

‼️My neonatal scale has a very high level of sensitivity; about +/- 4 grams. This is the same type of scale you’d find in a Neonatal ICU.

‼️A gain of 1 gram on the scale = 1 milliliter of #breastmilk consumed. (If you’re more familiar with ounces, 30 milliliters = 1 ounce.)

‼️Every in home #consultation with me includes use of this scale. This is standard practice for #lactationconsultations and some breastfeeding #supportgroups will offer this too.

Interested in doing a weighed feeding with me? I would be so happy to help you on your breastfeeding/pumping journey! More info on my In-Home consultations can be found here:

🚨 DISCLAIMER: While weighed feedings can be a very helpful part of an IBCLC’s assessment, it is only a snapshot of the feeding picture. #Milksupply naturally varies throughout the day and night, as does your baby’s hunger. Further assessment(s) with an IBCLC can help identify a pattern.

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