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Pumping: Maximizing Milk Collection

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Whether you are #pumping every once in a blue moon, adding in pumping sessions to try to increase supply, pumping when separated from your baby, or #exclusivelypumping, these general tips are for YOU!


  • Use a high quality double electric #breastpump. My #1 recommendation is the #Spectra S1 or S2. But this also depends on your needs and varies woman to woman.

  • Additional breast stimulation, such as #handexpression after #pumping (your breast is never technically “empty”), #breastmassage while pumping (hands free pumping bras are a lifesaver for many reasons!), and #warmcompresses to breasts before and during pumping.

  • Check your pump itself (or better yet, have an IBCLC assess your pumping set up). Common issues here could be using the incorrect #flangesize and/or needing to replace pumping parts after certain lengths of use. #Valves, #membranes, etc… that are worn out can decrease the vacuum pressure which in turn can decrease milk output.

——> You can book an in-home or virtual visit with me here:

  • Look at pics/vids of baby while pumping, use clothing or blankets that smell like baby and snuggle them while pumping

  • Try breathing exercises and/or guided relaxation videos while pumping. If you are tense, this can definitely inhibit your letdown reflex.

  • Can’t help but continuously look at your bottles during a pumping session and obsess over the output? Put socks or mittens over the bottles so you can’t obsess.

  • Pump for at least 15 minutes per session. Still seeing some dribbling of milk at the 15 minute mark? Then keep pumping! 15 minutes isn’t a magic number that works for every woman. The best rule of thumb is to pump for 1-2 minutes until the flow of milk has completely stopped in both breasts.

  • If you feel that your milk flow completely stops much earlier than the 15 minute mark, then try switching up your settings to see if you can restart milk flow… increase or decrease #suction; if your pump has a “stimulation/let down” button, try that.

This is just an overview of pumping basics. There can be many other bumps in the road on your pumping journey and an IBCLC is the best resource to guide you. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

I would be so happy to help you on your breastfeeding/pumping journey! More info on my Virtual or In-Home consultations can be found here:


Be kind to yourself! Every drop of breastmilk given to your baby makes a difference! #everydropcounts

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