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Beware of Fenugreek!

⚠️ Are you aware of all the potential problems with Fenugreek consumption?

⚠️ Did you know Fenugreek is in A LOT of “galactagogues” aka lactation supplements/teas/drinks/cookies?

Fenugreek use as a “galactagogue” (something ingested in the belief that it will increase breastmilk supply) is long-standing. However, I always caution my clients: JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS AVAILABLE OVER-THE-COUNTER, DOES NOT MEAN IT IS RISK FREE!

🚩 Some of the possible risks with Fenugreek use include:

  • Cross Allergic reaction for those with Peanut (or other Legume) allergies 😯

  • Potential exacerbation of Asthma symptoms 😮‍💨

  • Fluctuations in blood glucose levels = Big NO-NO for Diabetic mothers 💉

  • Fluctuations in thyroid hormones (FYI hypothyroidism is a risk factor for low milk supply)

These 4 issues above ⬆️ are SCARY! Please read the labels on your products!

Better yet, consult an IBCLC if you are considering taking any galactagogues.

An IBCLC can help you determine:

(a) IF you actually even have a milk supply problem (“perceived” low milk supply is a real problem for many moms who actually have a totally normal supply and “perceived” low supply is perpetuated by marketing for galactagogues!)

(b) What is the underlying cause(s) of your low milk supply (if it truly is low)? Latch problems? Pump problems? Tongue tie? Insufficient glandular tissue?

(c) How to address those underlying causes

(d) Galactagogues to consider trying (after consulting your physician), AFTER/DURING a,b, and c have been addressed.

As a RN & IBCLC, I can help you with any and all things lactation-related. You can find out more about my services and book an In-home or Virtual appointment with me here:

For more info on galactagogues, check out my blog post titled “Products to Help Increase Milk Supply”

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